February 14, 2016

1985 to Present

1985 – The Dallas family purchased the house and marina from John and Virginia Knight. ┬áThe house was built in 1981, not finished and the marina was in need of rejuvenation.

Many thanks to all who worked on the marina construction project

All were Bowen Islanders except Dean’s Friend Neno

Parking Lot

  • Jaun Paul St Louis
  • Jim Crawford
  • Peter Giles
  • Bob Edes
  • Lee Dulong
  • Brent Brennan

Pier & Dock

  • Jan Paul St Louis
  • Cam Rolfe
  • Jim Crawford
  • Dave Affleck
  • Mark Slade
  • Isaac Kinakin
  • Edwin Van Strien
  • Doug Lowe
  • Harold Hocke
  • Paul Brown
  • Neno Steptovic


  • Ted Davies
  • Gary Davies
  • Dave Gisby
  • Rick Vickery
Purchased marina Our new home Moving in Old docks strung together Mini Rock Dennis and his cement mixer Mixing the cement Original Union Steamhip rock wall and path Ted Currell Norma's Dad The tree stump removal Construction of log retaining wall Our son Darran Hamish (Christine) Miller Before the parking lot Built concrete containment for marine fuel tanks Docks in unsafe condition Announcement Revitalization of Snug Cove Building the first dock Dredging project starts Marine gas bait and sundries The new docks being built Quick well deserved break Dried out and getting ready for the 1st row of lock blocks First dredging to get reading for the lock block wall 3 trucks with fill Truck loads of lock blocks start to arrive Morning light - 1st row of lock blocks are in 2nd row in and dredge material coming in Geo grid and filter cloth dredgate going in Adding geogrid and filter cloth between the lifts 3 rows of lock blocks Rip rap in to protect the wall Rows almost up to ground level Stringers on the pilings First boards connecting the pier Pier joining the the lock blocks Dave Morgan Islands Trust Rep Hamish and Frank Seaberly Ready for fill after a storm Fill in and more blocks for another lift Placing more blocks Rick Vickery, Al Davidison, Reg Labinsky Pump and Tackle shop being towed Shawn Davies, Dave Gisby Starting to look like a wall Finally the dredging begins Dredging next to new wall Pulling out the old pilings Dredging the marina area Aiming for 5 ft below 0 tide Wall Complete Dredging the east end Pulling out the remains of Ripple Rock Dredging the middle of the marina area Rick Vickery - done Dean and Gordie getting ready to fell trees, Greg ready to pull them out Jim Lamb pile began pile driving Piles going in The new piles are in ready for the new docks Stringers pilings now decking and a dock being lifted into the water The path from the house to the pier The new marina Docks built parking lot and pier complete Winners of Minnows fishing derby Before the buildings The First Firemens Dock Dance