February 6, 2016

1897 to 1920

1897 to 1920: Captain John A. Cates and Terminal Farm

In 1897 Captain Cates in his little ship The Swan, brought the first picnickers from the mainland to Snug Cove. By 1917 900 acres of land is and around Snug Cove became a thriving Resort.

Captain Cates created a 40 acre farm near his hotel. ┬áBarns – stables – dairy – greenhouses – silos. An exceptional purebred herd of Holsteins, thoroughbred horses, cows, sheep, goats and ducks. 300 fruit trees were also planted.

A dam was build near Bridal Falls for a hydro-electric generator and 500 feet of water pipes were installed throughout the estate. Small cottages and a picnic area continued to be built.

A 177 ft paddle steamer R. P. Rithet, the Baramba, the Bowena and the Ballena were added to Cates fleet to meet the ever increasing demand.

First Bridge Across The Lagoon Camping Davis & Co. Groceries & Provisions S.S. Rothesay Picnic Grounds Early Wharf Two Walk-Ways Britannia Boat Docked Playground Terminal Hotel Daddy Dock New Building Sandy Beach Snug Cove circa 1915 Terminal Estates