February 7, 2016

Bowen Island Sea Kayaking

Hop off the Ferry, head over to Bowen Island Sea Kayaking, into your kayak and take a guided paddle from Snug Cove. Some tours head north towards the magnificent mountain views of Whistler, while others paddle south to Apodaca Beach close to seals, eagles, and an undisturbed coastline.

Looking for a guided tour we have 3 day, all day and multi day (including camping) packages.

If you are new to kayaking and plan to spend time in the Broken Islands, Johnstone Straight or other coastal destinations, Bowen Island Sea Kayaking has a lessonĀ for you, over two days and one night, learn all the basic strokes and capsize rescue as well as navigation and camping from a kayak.

Heading Out For A Paddle Howe Sound Looking Down The Oar View From The Beach