February 14, 2016

1920 to 1957

1920 to 1957: Union Steamship Company

Union Steamships Company fleet of ships coming to Bowen Island

  • Lady Alexandra
  • Lady Rose
  • Lady Cynthia
  • Lady Celia
  • Lady Evelyn
  • Cheam
  • Cardena
  • Venture

From 1920 to 1954 The Resort continues to expand.

  • A Turdor-style general store on the main street with a post office
  • A police station
  • A first-aid station
  • Six new picnic areas in and around the Snug Cove area
  • Roofed picnic tables by Sandy Beach
  • A shell (stage) for outdoor concerts, vaudeville shows and amateur nights on the grassy area beside Sandy Beach
  • A large water slide at Sandy Beach and rental rowboats
  • Two building for employee accommodation near the hotel
  • An expanded restaurant with employee accommodation upstairs
  • A baseball field near the lagoon
  • A building with a wringer washer, dryer and a shower

In 1946 101,000 people visited this world renowned resort.

Snug Cove General Store 1924 Mount Strachan Lodge Mount Strachan Lodge Evergreen Park Resort Bowen Park Estates Waiting For The Boat Summer Of 1946 Diving Aerial View Union Cottage Tennis Courts The Rockery Old Bridge Lawn Bowling Dance Hall Modern Causeway