February 6, 2016

The Marina


Bowen Island Marina occupies the area that has historically welcomed visitors and residents of Bowen Island for over a century.

It was here that Captain Cates first landed tours from Vancouver to his ship the ‘Swan’ in 1897.  When his new venture, Mannion Estates, grew in popularity he brought the larger vessel, ‘Britannia’ to the Island.

When the original Union Steamship Company took over from Captain Cates in 1920, they steadily increased the number of ships coming to its summer resort.  In 1931 alone, 57,000 people visited the island.

Upon leaving the vessels, people walked up our path to a restaurant that featured an Ice Cream Parlor.  During the evening live music was played in the Dance Hall nearby.

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Bowen Island Marina offers ANNUAL MOORAGE. At this time we are FULLY BOOKED. If you are looking for prices check out the moorage rates.

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